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General Poker Articles

The History Of Poker

It is well known that Egyptians had created a game of cards in the 12 and 13 centuries.The game of cards called "Ganjifa" founded around the 16th century and comprises of 96 detailed cards made by wood or ivory. at the same time the Persians used to play a card game called “as Nas” which was the first ever game in which ranked cards and several rounds of betting included   “as Nas” had the greatest resemblance with poker as compare to any other game founded until now.

Poker No Joker

The popularity of online poker has been increasing day by day at an astonishing speed. Moreover poker is not only an exciting game with great fun - the main reasons are the flexibility, speed and global 24/7 access afforded by playing online.

Poker as a game has received extensive media coverage since the commencement of the TV show in 2002 World Poker Tour and the win of online par time player Chris Moneymaker at the WSOP Main Event in 2003. after the success of Chris Moneymaker this game got so much importance and suddenly people started taking so much interest in the WSOP and WPT, which now get prime-time TV slots on a weekly basis, inspiring even more viewers to take up online play.


Motivation Is the Key to Winning

poker people playing the games Colorado Cal had played poker for years and years and lost lots of money. He didn't lose each and every time. Sometimes he got on a heater and won for weeks. But there was never a year that Colorado Cal ended up with a win.

We should certainly ask why Cal lost consistently. Maybe we could learn something. Maybe we could find a way to improve our game. Colorado Cal loved to play!

Tips for Novice

Tips for Showing CardsNowadays, most of the people start taking interest in the game of poker. Generally people think that it is quite an easy game to play, but according to me the person who thinks like that he never ever played the game before. There are players who have been playing for so many years although they never consider themselves as they have the full command over the game. The best way to explore your understanding about the game is play it as much as you can. You can easily accumulate much knowledge about it while playing. The players who really wanted to be master on this game must read books and poker tips through websites related to the beginners. It will actually help you while playing online or on the table poker.

Poker Strategies

Poker Strategies and BetsPoker is a game in which you can use lots strategies. The reason behind this article is to just explain the differences between loose and tight play with aggressive and passive play. There are people who cannot differentiate between them; however in poker it means a lot. The differences between these two concepts are really important to understand if you want to be a better strategist.
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