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Poker TablePoker is amongst the most played card games of modern days. It is immensely played by players in casino. It is a game in which player wage on the value of card combination in their custody. The winner in this game is the player who holds the hand of uppermost value according to the recognized pecking order or the player who stays in the game after all the other players has folded.
The history of this game has always been a matter of debate among the game lovers. Some believes that the origin of this game is from a German gambling game called “Pochspiel”. Some believes it to have a resemblance from the Persian game “as Nas”; although it is supposed that it does not had its origin before 1890. The game got its name from the Irish word “Poca” or from the French word “Poque”; which was obsessed from the German word “Pochen” meaning “to bluff”.
But still it is not confirmed that whether the origin of Poker is related to those games or not. It is usually regarded as sharing origin with the regeneration game of “Primero” and the French “Brelan.”.
The popularity of the game got an unprecedented spike at the starting of 21st century. The main reason behind the hype this game got is believed to be the evolvement of online version of the game. This took this game beyond every border and within the reach of every game lover. Now with the development of hole-card cameras people can watch and follow every action of the game, during the world series of poker on their television. World Poker tour and the world series of poker also helped the game to reach at the top of its popularity and along with this the game also brought huge audiences for the cable TV and satellite TV operators.
With the increase in the popularity of the game and increasing number of poker fans the professional poker player became more of a celebrity; with lots of fan following with them. also with the increase in camera exposure to the game the professional player became more careful towards their game and their actions while playing, realizing that every action they takes could be caught on the cameras and can be aired later on television.
Since the increasement in the popularity of the game major poker tournament fields have grown dramatically. Now players can win an entry to any of the major tournaments with the help of online satellite qualifier tournaments.

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