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Poker Glossary

Poker Play with cardsYou must have heard lots of words/terms while watching poker online or at table. There are lots of words/terms commonly used in poker. It is really important for a player to understand these words/terms especially for a newbie. The motive of this article is to introduce newbie’s with the most common words use in this game and a quick look for the experience one. This glossary contains the most commonly used words at the table.

all In

While the way of a hand that goes out of chips is known as all in.

Betting Round

It is a round of betting. Texas Hold’em has four betting round in a given hand before the flop, after the flop, after the turn and after the river.


Blinds are the obligatory bets by the two players who sit left to the dealer button before any cards dealt and serve to get money into the pot.

Big Blind

It is the bet made by the player immediately to the left of the small blind and is equal to half of the minimum bet.

Small Blind

It is the bet made by the player immediately to the left of the dealer and is equal to half of the minimum bet.

Burns Cards

It is obligatory that one card off the top of the deck face down before dealing the flops, the turn card and the river card.


When a player sits down at the table and buys chips, it’s known as buy in. Once a player has bought his initial chips after that he can buy any amount of chips however, it should be more than $10.


When a player has made any bet in a given round and if a player does not raise or fold, it is called call.


When a bet has been made in a given hand, a player can check which means he is not betting and also not increasing the amount in the pot.


It is circular colorful discs used for betting, they are available in denominations of  $1, $2 like that.


When a player withdraws from the hand and surrender all bets he has placed up to that point in the hand. It is the situation when player want to call a bet.


It is a complete game starts with the postings of the blinds and finishing with one or more players winning the pot.


all discarded cards lying face down in front of the dealer, consisting of all folded cards and all burns card.


The total numbers of chips that are stake in a round including any previous rounds. Once betting in a round is complete, the total chips stake is moved into a pile near the centre of the table.


When a stake has been made in a round any consequent increases to the amount bet is known as raise.

Split Pot

In case when two or more players have the same hand at the showdown, the pot split equally between them.

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