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Low Poker

Low Poker Card Game Poker is becoming fast popular and exciting games. There are lots way by which you can play it. Low poker is one of way by which you can play and win lots of money. Low poker is a game where player look for lowest ranking hand and it is a safe way of playing.  Every players has there own style of playing however, new players normally prefer it. It is one way which by which a new player should start playing.

Lowball Stud

This can be played as Five-, Six-, or Seven-Card Stud. . The five-card variation is a poor game, because the fifth card can ruin the best hand. Furthermore, players learn to stay out when they get one high card. Thus, as a matter of Practice you don't stay with a picture card unless• the amount needed to stay in is so small that the money odds are too good to refuse. In all Low Stud games the high card should be forced to bet on the first round. This just gets one bad hand to have to put one chip in the pot.

Five-Card Low with Replacement

This variation improves Five-Card Low. after each player has received his five cards there is a round of betting. Then each player who wishes can discard one card and get a replacement.  The players replace in order, highest first, down to lowest. Each player acts before any cards are dealt. Of course, you don't have to replace if you don't want to.

Six-Card Low

Usually, each player starts with two cards down and one up. The high card must bet. Even with a large ante, it is good tactics to get right out with a bad card showing (unless you have been forced to bet). With a bad card in the hole you should frequently stay or even raise. There is no good reason to telegraph that when you stay you are playing with all good cards. If you do stay with a nine up in a limit game, beware of getting involved against two players with lower cards showing; they will probably give the maximum number of raises.

Thus, if a holds seven-five-three-two and B seven-six-Four-ace on the first four cards, it is really good percentage for B to keep raising if C with a nine-spot showing is in the pot. B is poorer than a, but his chance of winding up winner of the pot is much better than one in three.

Seven-Card Low

The general principles here are the same as in Six Card. The only real difference is that even two bad cards don't kill you. Still, if you play with one bad card up on the first round, you are taking the worst of it.

Once you get too far in you are compelled to stick around as long as you can draw out. Furthermore, remember that the players betting may not have perfect cards in the hole.

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