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Types of players

Players at the poker tablePlaying poker is an art which people generally don’t understand. Players are always excited to play poker. If you really want to improve your play you have to understand the importance of the types of player. It always helps you to understand who is playing against you. It helps a player a lot when he is playing a real game. The article is focusing on the types of players which can help a player to judge who is playing against him. There are numbers of types of player and it’s really difficult to explain it in a single article so, I am explaining you some of the main types of players.

Occasional players

The first type of player which we are going to explain to you is occasional players. as you can understand by the name, they play it seldom. It’s just a way of recreation for them. They generally play when they are with their friends. They don’t know  much about poker strategies and plans that is the reason they hardly win a big pot or loose it. They are totally inexperienced and are ready to take risk when it is not required.

Habitual player

The players who knows the odds of the poker but still he has so much to learn to come under Habitual poker player category.  They have knowledge of the odds of the game but for them winning in big tournaments is like once in a blue moon. They participate in big touraments however, they loose frequently.

Chiseler players

The chiselers players are basically more knowledgeable then habitual players. They are always ready to follow shortcuts. They are basically an advanced version of habitual payers. The chiselers players always play fake bets and look to protect themselves. They are vertually active but they never take many chances.

Professional players

Professional players are players whom you see in big tournaments they do'nt just participate, win the tournaments. Professional players generally attached themselves with big poker rooms. Their main source of income is poker rooms. Poker rooms pay a specific salary to these players when they take part in any tournament they have to use their own money. Professional players are the key players of poker rooms. First they searchout the table on which nothing is going on then, they join it and make it active. They take part in average poker competitions and make money easily.

Poker cheater

The last type of players is the player who uses his mind for awful things instead of good. They always want to win the game at any cost however, they make certain tat they are not cought. The player like that are masters in their job and they can cheat you in different ways. That’s the reason they are called poker cheats.


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