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Types of Poker

Show Poker Cards in GamePoker is one of the most popular skilled based card game. There are so many games in poker with different rules, strategies and style. You will find players playing almost every game. The article which I have written only consist three of the poker game. I wanted to show you some of the general guidelines of these games. These are the most commonly played games.

Texas Hold’em

This is one of the most popular games of poker. You can start playing it with six players. Every player gets two cards which should be faced down and after that betting round takes place. But remember that players start betting without looking to their cards and its called pre flop betting. The first player who sits left of the dealer is known as big blind and the player who sit second to the left of the dealer known as small blind. The UTG (under the gun) player is the player who sits after the big blind. It has three different stages like flop, turn and river. It is important that the board card should deal in the middle of the table. In the first stag that is flop only three cards are dealt, in the turn the cards become four and in the last one that is river the card become five. To make a five card hand a player use their two faced down cards with three board cards and the highest hands wins the pot.


Omaha is almost same as Texas Holdem. The stages are also same as in the Texas Hold’em. The blind bets also started with two players like in Texas Hold’em. The rules and you can apply the same strategies as well of Texas Hold’em in Omaha. The dissimilarity is that the players get four cards despite of two and in the end the player’s uses two of his face down cards along with three board cards.

Seven card stud

In this game player’s calls bet before dealing any of the cards. They need to pay some amount after that and it should be decided by the organizers only. The amount generally is more than ¼ of the small bet. after that, players get two cards faced down with one faced up. The first bet that is a forced bet called by the person who has got lowest card known as bring in. In the condition when two players got the same up cards is known as Suit rank. after that clubs, diamonds, heart and spades takes place. The battings always are in clockwise direction. When the players get fourth card, it must be face up in the game, known as Fourth Street. after that the players who get the highest hand starts betting and then remaining cards fifth, sixth and seventh street takes place. In every round bets takes place and at the end the players with highest hands declared as winner.

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