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Poker Strategies

Poker Strategies and BetsPoker is a game in which you can use lots strategies. The reason behind this article is to just explain the differences between loose and tight play with aggressive and passive play. There are people who cannot differentiate between them; however in poker it means a lot. The differences between these two concepts are really important to understand if you want to be a better strategist.

There are so many decisions which a player needs to make while playing and you can easily make it through your conscience. Like if the player has a good hand then you should raise the bet and if you have a bad one should fold the hand immediately. Some time players get over optimistic and make wrong decisions, so you should always be cool and calm while playing poker.

Tight and loose play

The best way to examine player’s propensity is through how many hands a players play during in a game. a loose player always plays lots of hand during the game and the tight player always play less hands. as far as my experience says Tight play is the right way to play this game. If you have good cards in the beginning of the pot then you can definitely play it long and the chances of winning increases instead of losing. always keep in mind that a long play consumes long time as well.

aggressive and Passive play

This is another way to check the player’s conscience. an aggressive player frequently raises bets and a passive player always ready to check or call. You can never compare these sorts of player through counting hands. You can judge them by betting, calling, raising and checking. If you will see aggressive play tactically you find it better than passive play. When you rise your betting with strong cards your opponent always think about folding and it definitely increases your chances of win a pot.

You can easily categorize players through their way of playing. There are four types of categories where you can put them:

1) Rocks: - The players who plays tight at the same time passive comes under this


2) Maniacs: - Generally these sorts of player are loose but aggressive. The players in it are totally opposite of rocks and in some games they get profit.

3) Calling station: - This is the most profit earning type of players. They are basically loose and passive.

4) Killers: - This type of players is tight and aggressive. They generally don’t play as many hands but when they start taking interest in any game, it become worth for them.

Bad Beats

There are so many players who become frustrated quite easily by this. Let me tell you that tight and aggressive players see bad beats more often. It is somehow good for a player because it generally happens when player get money in with good starting hands. 

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