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Poker No Joker

The popularity of online poker has been increasing day by day at an astonishing speed. Moreover poker is not only an exciting game with great fun - the main reasons are the flexibility, speed and global 24/7 access afforded by playing online.

Poker as a game has received extensive media coverage since the commencement of the TV show in 2002 World Poker Tour and the win of online par time player Chris Moneymaker at the WSOP Main Event in 2003. after the success of Chris Moneymaker this game got so much importance and suddenly people started taking so much interest in the WSOP and WPT, which now get prime-time TV slots on a weekly basis, inspiring even more viewers to take up online play.

In effect of that, the live and online poker industries are benefiting greatly from each other.  Only few people look like to remember today that live poker was in decline as recently as the year 2000, because of the same of monotonous way of playing and a low profile, to such an extent that most casinos had shut down their poker rooms.Poker Gaming Software

Online poker with real money started in 1998 at Planet Poker saw reasonable growth in the successive three years, after which point Paradise Poker penetrated its way into a leading market position. The big up thrust came with the entry of insistent marketers such as Pacific Poker and the televised World Poker Tour events in 2002. In 2003 alone online poker game volume increased about 500%. With such massive growth, the online poker market showed gross earnings of about $1 billion in 2004.

The online poker business is very money making for the established rooms, but the competition is going up as a result. This is good for you as a player. Online poker rooms now a days spending lots of money on advertising as well as giving more worth back to the players with higher and better re-load bonuses, promotions and other perks.

The poker world has also benefited greatly from the sudden increase in interest in the game, with poker rooms again boom in casinos. Today many new players start out playing online and then move on to play at home games and casinos around the world.

What makes poker particularly interesting for a larger crowd is that in the small span of time, any decent player can compete and even win against the world's best players. Luck and hidden information play a large role in poker to make this possible. In any other skill games, the most highly skilled player almost always wins, even in the short term.


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