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The History Of Poker

It is well known that Egyptians had created a game of cards in the 12 and 13 centuries.The game of cards called "Ganjifa" founded around the 16th century and comprises of 96 detailed cards made by wood or ivory. at the same time the Persians used to play a card game called “as Nas” which was the first ever game in which ranked cards and several rounds of betting included   “as Nas” had the greatest resemblance with poker as compare to any other game founded until now.

The people of Spain founded a card game called “Primero”. The game was dealt with three cards only.It was the first recorded card game that encouraged bluffing in the game to mislead other players depends upon the strength of a hand.  So many people agreed that this game is quite similar to the present day Poker.

“Poque” which was a developed version of “Primero” became the national card game of France and spread to the other countries during the 18th century, when so many French and Canadian immigrants settled in New Orleans. after then only it spread into the different countries.The History Of Poker

Some people believe that it was derived from the word “poke,” which used in pickpockets to describe the act of stealing. Some people believe that poker is also related to the word “hocus-pocus.”  The suggestion being that expert card players play like magicians.  Many professional gamblers at that time used “sleight of hand” tricks to increase their winning ratio.

Jonathan H Green had written a book called “an Exposure of arts & Miseries of Gambling” was published in 1834 and it was the first book that holds reference to the game of poker.  He was a professional gambler who traveled through the Mississippi River on steam boats.  He called poker as “The Cheating Game” and was the first author who used the word “poker” to explain the game in his book.  Whatever he had written about Poker was very different from today’s poker.

The game called “river card” got its name from poker games which used to play on river boats. So many times cheaters used to hidden a 5th card under their sleeve in order to better his hand.  When they caught, the cheater used to thrown into the river. as a result the 5th card became known as "the river."

During the late 1800 century the game of poker used to play in every place generally, in salons and pub across the Wild West. It was the only time when Wild Bill Hickok, Doc Holliday, Wyatt Earp and many other became famous. During that time a poker player not only needed to play well, but had to be quick enough with a six-shooter as well.  During those days many of poker player turned into an outright brawl, most of the times several players ending up shot to death on the card room’s floor only.  The towns of Tombstone and Deadwood were well knowned for their gunfights over card games.

It was the time when the deck evolved into the 52 card deck that we know today and that time only the “flush” was added to the game. During the american Civil War many additions of the game were made including the “straight,” as well as stud and draw poker.  The years 1875-1900 brought the addition of the wild card, split-pot, and low ball poker. Texas Hold’em was founded around 1925. Texas Hold’em was not popular till 1970 when the World Series of Poker spotlighted the game as their centerpiece, calling it “The Cadillac of Poker.”

as we all know today, Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular card game played throughout the world. It is the most popular poker game played in casinos as well as online.  Since its journey from China, France, and Germany, poker has come a long way ahead both literally and figuratively.  It will be interesting to see if poker retains its current popularity and how the game evolves in the future.

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