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General Poker Articles

Poker Glossary

Poker Play with cardsYou must have heard lots of words/terms while watching poker online or at table. There are lots of words/terms commonly used in poker. It is really important for a player to understand these words/terms especially for a newbie. The motive of this article is to introduce newbie’s with the most common words use in this game and a quick look for the experience one. This glossary contains the most commonly used words at the table.

Poker Etiquette

Poker People at Game TablePoker is an entertaining game; it is a fun for so many poker players. according to my experience there are so many players who do not know how to behave while playing. In other words they do not know about poker etiquettes. We should always show respect to other players and expect the same while playing online poker or play at table. There are some poker etiquettes which we should follow. It is always good for play and a player to create a healthy atmosphere while playing. This article is explaining you about the etiquettes which we should follow.


Poker TablePoker is amongst the most played card games of modern days. It is immensely played by players in casino. It is a game in which player wage on the value of card combination in their custody. The winner in this game is the player who holds the hand of uppermost value according to the recognized pecking order or the player who stays in the game after all the other players has folded.
The history of this game has always been a matter of debate among the game lovers. Some believes that the origin of this game is from a German gambling game called “Pochspiel”. Some believes it to have a resemblance from the Persian game “as Nas”; although it is supposed that it does not had its origin before 1890. The game got its name from the Irish word “Poca” or from the French word “Poque”; which was obsessed from the German word “Pochen” meaning “to bluff”.

Psychological Aspects of Poker

Psychological Aspects of Poker When you don't have courage in a game, it weakens your play. The game of poker is not for the timid; it is for the bold. I keep using the word "bold," and I think this is what many of the experts and great players talk about when they use the word courage.

another aspect of courage is the ability to absorb bad breaks and losses and not alter your style of play. For example, you might have lost a few big pots with a full house to a higher full house or with good hands that somehow were beaten.

Calling a Raise

Calling a Raise a successful tournament player will have one thing firmly in mind. What is absolutely critical for mastery on the tournament trail knows which starting hands qualify for a raising hand and which hands qualify for calling/raising when someone else has raised. an outstanding player will have a clear image of which hands are which.
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