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Online Poker School

Your schooling starts with weekly instruction posted on your site by some very well known instructors. Mike Caro the writer of "The mad genius of Poker" is Online's Dean of PokerSchool. You will also get his exclusive weekly audio lessons at your home only. You'll find some excellent materials in his classroom. The material which you will get includes books, tests, tips, strategies and much more! Other instructors include Nolan Dalla (Noted Columnist) and Lou Krieger (author of 'Poker for Dummies') and Mark Napolitano (visionary co-founder of PokerPages.com and himself a former European Poker Champion).

They conduct so many Daily tournaments and games in the card room using their proprietary Poker Pages software, so the student can evaluates themselves in live game situations. Every student gets an initial bankroll to use and get into the tournaments. You can also get additional money in your bankroll by finishing and passing tests based on the weekly instructions or in case if you win any one of the online tournaments.Online Poker Betting

Their instructions are not only helpful for beginners but they also cover topics for advanced players as well. You can ask any question to the Experts by e-mailing them. You can also chat about topics with other students through the forum or in the chat room. They help to socialize player with the friendliest poker community, where all players from learner to specialize discuss and help each other to get better.

The best thing in the PokerSchool Online is that you can learn, play and practice according to your own ease. There is no need to spend a lot of money to get your education at the live tables. The players in the games of the poker school while playing on the site are very serious about their game and most treated their cyber-bankroll as real money.

according to me the best way to learn Poker is through the PokerSchool. They charges nominal fee at the same time you can get commend on the poker and you can win tournaments.

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